Need some suggestions from pros players :)

My pet was legend imp/goblin with deadly strike set
affix with both ED and ED% the rest are useless thou

Any suggestions on affix need to be change?
Im just a newbie player not completely understand the dmg formulas xD
hope pros can give some advice :slight_smile:

How are you going to change your pet’s affixes?

He’s asking for suggestion to change affix on his gears not his pet :wink:

Ugh, English sucks no matter how fluent one is.

Sorry about my bad english sir

your English is fine. :stuck_out_tongue:
I was insulting my English and the vast amount of interpretation that English creates.

Oh lol xD
i know my english not good as those people who are born with English languages :stuck_out_tongue:

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So any advice sir?
Still confuse on my armor which is better with?
50% DMG on bleed or 3x Deadly
But now i already use 50% dmg
if anyone said its bad so i should make another one with corresponding affix :slight_smile:

Looks decent to me. Maybe am improvement based on trial and error here and there.

Well yeah all rare affix are not yet perfectly rolled so still have a change to improve while farming those stuffs with max roll :slight_smile:

Use that available Set Affix slot.

ExamPle poison damage u wanna add poison damage plus poison damage % on every gear these guys showin u ridiculous gears they been here for a minute if ur a warrior stay away from fanatacism it just fs u up crit d plays a key role and proc on hit any decent skill make em bleed it just adds to damage Poison/ bleed alot alike im kinda new but know how to amp damage i think the dev played some diablo or somethin lol