Need some tips

As you can see im playing a wizzard.
I tried to get some symbiotocs for my manashield and get that powerfull.

The part of legendary affixes and mythstones/mythics is still a riddle for my own.
Any ideas and improvements you could tell me?

adding blight can help

Hard to say just by looking at your stuff, it depends a lot of the style of gameplay that you wanna own
Well you can still remove MS +25% Total MP, for me it’s not that much interesting, 1 slot “wasted” for this little “up”, you could get something more interesting like “Blight” for exemple

Also you’re making an equality/balanced build, but is it working with glasscanon 100% ? your HP should be around 1Hp like that…

Anyway dunno exactly what to say else, you’re using some affixes which have nothing to do with others, I don’t think you’re optimized, but you didn’t tell anyway if that was a build for :

pve? (low floors?)
pve? (high floors)


Its fir pvp.

It seems like i misunderstood equalty and balanced. All i was looking for so far was: mass mp and mp regen to max the power of the manashield.