Need sugerences! I'm new in the forum


Hello everyone, I’ve been playing Dungeon quest for years, but today I decided to make an account in the forum! and I wanted to ask, what do you suggest to change my DPS and Farm build?! FARM V Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-31-56
Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-32-03 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-32-10 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-32-16 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-33-02 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-33-11 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-33-19 DPS for 700+ foolScreenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-33 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-39 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-44 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-49 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-55 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-34-59 Screenshot_2019-04-09-08-35-05

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farming: just as long as shared you have good item drops, luck and gold find then your good… plus nadroji, crystalline and epiphany obv…

dps: i wont go through everything, im a bit rusty on that… but you can definitely improve with beryl for natures

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Make sure u have max luck and gold find… at main toon have set nadroji, eternalized, crystalized, the rest set u can add epihany and dps set like crusing flame, plagued, etc…

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I think the best tip is to buy an extra char slot. You’ll help the devs and the game and it’s way easier having your main for full farming affix and a hireling to kill for you so you can go full dmg.

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A sureshot nadroji robe would be good too.