Need sum tips on my build please thank you :)

Hi guys and girls I have been busy and wanted to show you my build and see what you guys think :smiley: any tips to make it any better I would be very grateful thanks.

And this is my rouge helper

wow all points in one stat…

Yep not sure if best way go but feels good for me :smiley:

On your main char i would remove the all talents +2 affix on the ring and add some crit chance and get a new amulet were u can put in a 1%hp mythstone which will even be better then the regen of your amulet if u add crit dmg +chance there again… (if the %hp dont work go with the 400hp on hit )
And defenitly max out the item quality and reroll all epic affixes then …

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I was gonna say pull the + talents or + skills from the ring and socket it with +2 all sets rune.

Your hp is really low, maybe change an affix or two to 10k hp (epic), or respec your stats and put some in health.

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Well same for the hireling about item quality and epic affixes and also try to reroll the talents too loot up your codes im not sure how the name of the talents that are that increase the Dmg of chakrams…

Well i guess he does not have/own an elixer yet …
Had the same proplem at start

Thank you I will try that out now :slight_smile:

Nope do not

I will try add more hp to with hp stats it dose not seem to go up a lot when I put points in so just addid all to power

I’m thinking off taking the luck off not shore tho took a lot off stones to get crit chance

Ohhhhh boy. You have no idea how many crystals you will use! :wink:
Right now you’re still kind of new, but as you learn from the forums and try a few things yourself, you’ll be farming and using hundreds of crystals per item to get the best stats and affixes you can. Eventually you will be crafting at least 4 affixes per item, looking for the affixes that can’t be rolled by rubies (legend affixes) such as wd% (max 100%), and removing unlucky rolls repeatedly to get what you want specifically. That’s one of the awesome aspects of this game :slight_smile:


I look forward to that :wink: I no that sounds silly but I love grinding in games haveing to work for it haha

Yup thats true. Don’t forget the amount of math behind almost everything. Knowing the math can really go a long ways when thinking of a really powerful build.
As for the crystal spending you are right. I always spend way over 40 ruby, 10 obsidian, 10 amethyst and so on just to perfect my build. When I see what could be improved, I have to repeat the process. Also alot of gold dumped too and effort to find the pieces you want. 100s of dimaonds just to get perfect wd% with high enough barbarian, 150 and more emeralds, 20+ zircon in the drain, a bunch of garnets converted or used, etc etc. Huge amounts of any crystal gets used alot. A thousand crystal can easily be spent on 1 expensive build.

The builds are expensive but with 2.1 farm mechanics, it isn’t that hard. It just takes a bit of planning and loads of effort too for it to work well.

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I agree with the gentlemans helping you Nightbladejay. Try and farm a ton of crystals more with millions of golds. While you’re at it you might pick-up better legend items or even better, eternal items perfect for your build.

Since you’re short on crystals, make sure to spend them correctly and wisely.

Prioritize the quality of your items first then little by little work on the perfect reroll of your affixes, dont mind the epic affixes yet, their is Fluorite xtal for that.

Ultimately opt for mythic gears. Their way powerful than eternal items if crafted wisely.

Go ahead farm farm farm. You have a long way yo go.


Although, since you don’t have an Elixir rune yet, I would dump all gold possible into converting one. Getting a total of +4 to all sets is key to almost every powerful build.

Where’s the +2 to sets on your nadroji ring??

I do have it on there now plus on my necklace :slight_smile:

Ya I have spent so many crystals on junk but I now no what I’m doing now with the help off this great commity :slight_smile:

Ok. Make sure you make a farm build with the best stats if you haven’t already. The amount of crystals and gold you gain will be very surprising, especially at floor 200. Even at above floors, they give good loots.

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