Need survivability on warrior build

I am doing a spell swordbuild on my warrior but i lack survivability.
I have been playing on ep5 till floor 200 and the cartographer is 1-hit killing me now.
I could use some suggestions on my gear regarding survivability.
I have 130k ehp

Thanks in advance!

Seek for “armor” or “all resist” affiixes


Dodge and block…

dodge (max : 60%)
block (max : 60%)
all resist

Thanks guys, i will reroll some for block chance. I switched my armor to another one with ‘+38 all resist’ and on my stat page ‘all resist’ changed to 425, how is that possible? Also the damage i took stayed about equal…

max roll is 100, it’s srly interesting, you should get some!
Also put your points into HP to get bonus armor

Ok, ill get some all resist from ms and affixes! I have put al my points into hp, yet i only have 15k armor…