Need warrior build plzz

Hello everyone,

Ive played for about 2 weeks, and have tried playing as rogue and warrior.
And i like playing as warrior that can sprint and cycloning everything.
But i saw some guide showing rogue and wizard doing billions of damage…

So i was wondering, can a warrior have that kind of damage?

Should i switch as a wizard or rogue instead?

I’m trying to build like Mr Dieter gyroscopic build, but using cyclone hammer.
Can anyone show me how to build my warrior to have billions of damage?

Thank you

First, to make any sort of build that is going to be maximized, you’re going to need a bunch of obsidian crystals and a bunch of high end mythstones. After two weeks, you don’t have them.

Also, I believe I read that those 2.4b damage characters are hacks and not actually achievable. I could be wrong though as I’ve been reading a lot on here and may be confused.

Well yes, im aware of that…

I just dont want to regret spending time on wrong character later…
So i thought maybe it would be nice to know beforehand…
Anyway whats the strongest warrior build according to you?

All characters are capable of extremely high damage, and are well balanced(and constantly going through additional balancing). You’re not going to pick a “wrong” one.

Yes mr. Rubik, thats what im expecting, balance for all character
Thats why im hoping that someone can show me a warrior build to achieve that billions of damage…

Btw im not refering to dps values, but actual damage when hitting mobs

At least i hope some player can teach me a warrior build that can do well on higher levels

There are lots of builds on here already. You mentioned Diieters, and Zierham has a very in depth guide, first half of it anyway. It’s titled How To Destroy The World, or something close to that.
Btw, I am a strictly Warrior player, Whirlwind to be specific. Im at almost lvl 500 ep8, and he does just fine there. High end gear is going to be required no matter who you pick to play, and the right gear is what’s going to be the biggest factor on reaching high levels, not the specific character so much.

Hmm okay then i just concentrate on collecting the items needed and see how far can i go…

I play almost exclussively on 101 floor, thats the best place to farm ya?

Thanks for your reply guys :slight_smile:

101 is ok, every CS/MS is obtainable there. Some legendaries won’t be, but that’s not super important. Crystals are possibly the most important items in the game.

As stated, crystals are super important. One thing that you need to do is to get all 20 crystals as quickly as possible. You only need one of each of the top several for now. As you use crystals, you complete a featl. When you reach that goal, you get something extra. By using crystals (converting is the main way to reach that goal), you hit a goal that gives you +2 on each type of crystal you have. That’s why it’s important to always have a minimum of 1 of the high end crystals.

To make ONE obsidian crystal using the L1 (element) crystals, it takes 524288 of the element crystals a milliions in gold. Of course, you don’t only pick up the element crystals, so there are shortcuts, but still. When you realize how much it takes just to get ONE obsidian, you really, really, really want to get as much as you can from those feats. Feat progress can be checked from the codex.

For every 1000 crystals you use, you hit the feat bonus. For every 375 mythstones you use, you get +2 on every mythstone type that you have.

Well, this is what ive been doing, tell me if im doing it alright ya…

I sell everything that is not red, high level, and have 20 talent.
I have made cyclone hammer and hunter ring, placing +item drop% on it.
I use wrath talent to autobreak destructibles (many cs/ms from destructibles)
I salvage all but a few of the crystals that are not important to angelite, then convert all calcite to angelite as well.
Then i salvage those angelite back to calcite for 50 point in crystal find feats, then i repeat it.

Is there another tips to find more cs/ms?