Need warrior build PVE floor climbing for the current version/patch


im looking for a build for my warrior floor climbing with high survivability and also has decent damage to climb floors , i like torrent type also i have cerebral vortex item but i don’t know if they are good in floor climbing,

im not really familliar with mythic combination and set affix so i don’t know which one is good to use. i just copy some of the builds here but i don’t know how to mix and mix to come up with a good build, still learning

i got 2x push the limit 1x barbarian item also i have mutiny and insolence or immortal items if that is needed for build

but i only got few legend pet so i think thats gonna be my problem

thanks for helping and sorry for being noob


Here is my current build maybe this will help a bit
This is good for 1000+ floors


Heres my pet

Its important to have acsendant when u have arcanist
NOTE:This build is for my hireling only


ohh thats my big problem i dont have eternal sera :frowning:


No need to worry just substitute other items… Btw my build is based on my pet heheheh


i dont have any eternal pet as of now hehehe


I got my build from watching others but since its so hard to copy theirs due to lack of crystals and mythstones i just improvised


Dont worry ull get it soon enough… I got mine even with the lowest luck and ZERO eternalized


i know im just waiting for my day hehehe, i just need to know which one from mythic and set affix i need to use i think ican improvise with other affix


Hmm it really depends on ur build for me energy is a must plus bombard on the affixes may i suggest 100 %ed or just 5000 ed works plus PTL ,BARBARIAN , or glasscannon


how about for set affix how to choose what to use with good combination ?


That one u should read their meaning in codex :blush:


try my old build :blush: just message me i will send it to you, and i promise you will be happy in using it


Sir May I know your Build in Warrior PVE Build?