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it is ok to put a boombard mithic skill in eternal fabled blade weapon? and is there a way to use cristal on eternal?

Absolutely Bombard is a super fun mythic affix and very much under used I love the thing and yes but only in extremely specific situations such as when applying topaz too a piece of eternal fabled gear after it has had a mythic added onto it, when applying calcite too change the element of an eternal and jaspering an eternal too another class :smile:

wait i can use jasper to turn the item to another class? just making sure like wizzard to rouge? am i correct? back to topic iwant to clear the floor fast im at lvl 270 but the thing is i want to reach lvl 500 as fast as i can hehe to farm crystal. and may mythic stone is just for 1 mythic skill its really hard to get a master mythic stone. so just making sure, boomerang with boombard skill is much better that bow? just boombard becaust i cant use crytal to add affix on it. pls help

Bombard is one of the best farming mythics and you will be able too add topaz’s too the chakram if you choose too craft it and yes you can jasper the item too another class :smile:

wow it work nice haha but the talent is for bow not for boomerang it has a (+18 affix whirlingblades vs fletcher 9)haha .w8 can i use any crystal in eternal item? how sad peridot is not applicable. i really need your time sorry for this but pls lend me your time .^^ what is the use of amber? it said randomize item special skill. do item has special skill? or special skill is = to mythic skill?

Special skills are like orb/storm/meteor/scattershot/whirlwind and I’m glad it’s working out :+1:

Special skill = affix? then when i use sapphire which said randomize affix in the same available pool its like it will also affect the said special skill which is meteor,storm etc or just the crt chance, mp on hit frezz etc? then last what is item nature effect of crystal beryl. ( which is better bow vacuus scipio + eternal nova + wratful winter + nadroji) or (eternal fable blade with mythic boomrang + cataclysm + wratful winter + nadroji ) XD learn from the expert hehe

No special skills are your secondary skills on weapons right at the beginning of the game these unlock at I believe level 10 and then 20 :smile:

you dint answer the item nature what is that? thank you. and i saw some cool item the devil deadly sins where can i find it? i also notice it has a really big negative buff. then T_T i accidentally put a not good affix in may eternal weapon which i put boombard skill. is there a way to remove or change the affix? then im planning to change my cell phone which i use to play DQ, is there a way to play the same character even if i change may phone?

Natures are small little buffs too certain stats that every item has they are the “of [1 of the buffs]” at the end of an items name this one being “of the elements” so it buffs elemental damage

Seven deadly sins items can be found above floor 500 on mythic 3 difficulty
Sorry no once you have applied an affix too a piece of eternal fabled gear there is no way too change it
And lastly you can create an account and upload your progredd then download it on the new phone :smile:

Thank you. ^^