Need your help

Hey guys i have a questios about my weapons
Its about a boomerang and a bow

I have 1 mil with the boomerang with hero points on active skill and whirling blades
Tried with the bow hero points max and does less damage but on the dps it shows more of the bow and less on te boomerang

There are many more factors that calculate into final DPS besides a number on a weapon. Use both and see which one you like better.

Alright thanks rubik :smile:

But what OH should i use i dont even know what the vial will do? XD and ivthink traps are for bow daggers and chackrams for a bomb an the vial then? XD

Thans for the help xD

And are the stats good at my boomerang? Or should i change the arcane? With soething else becausebi’m a little new is this game so xD
What are the best affixes for a boonerang. From crystal legend and mytics plus epic of normal affixes?

Thanks already

Sorrybfor my bad english learned in only when i game games