Nerfed builds

After reading many forum posts that span multiple patches, it’s tough to know what builds are nerfed. A few times I’ve tried a skill combo only to find it’s ineffective or to be told it doesn’t work. I guess I’m kind of hoping the devs could list nerfed aspects of the game in one place and sticky the post as an easy reference for players, since it really SUCKS to use a bunch of hard to earn CS and find out you’ve wasted them.
It also wouldnt hurt if there was a sticky post for broken aspects like Cosmic orb. These stickies could be easily updated when things are repaired or removed.

For example:

-despite what it says in the all stats screen, epiphany doesn’t allow you to have +5 all sets.

-Rogue build: Chakram , blinkstrike, stealth, coat weapon (might be missing something here).

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@Stryder if u dont want to waste cs/ms … upload ur game in dq cloud first when ur planning to try new build … then if build fail/suck just clear data the game then download ur account again from dq cloud then you can test new build again w/o losing da cs u farm so hard

I suppose, although it would be better if a player could just not build it if it’s going to be a waste of effort.

ya i kinda agree with u some builds are not viable. but der is no such thing as waste build i think it just depends on the setup.

like u said
chakram (autoattack build)- ucan add some skill proc affix for solving its lack of aoe dmg ex. torrent , smokebomb and etc (though it would be better to buff chakram boomerang)

blinkstrike - good w/ discordance w/ skills proc. u can combine it with greengarden pretty useful

stealth - did u face some bugs? cuz i dont see any prob with this skill. only bug i encounter is when u have deadlyarts affix and u use stealth while ur stealth is still active. ur stealth will be remove instead of adding the duration of stealth

coat weapon- i would like them to put some aura upon using/removing this skill and more ingame detailed xplanation

i would like to add richochet
its hard to use when u face mobs in closer distance bullets seems to be missing specially againt slimes