New account question

Hello i have a small simple question about… when i create a new account do i lose my character slots that i have bought? the second question is if not… do i have my character slots still in my new acc or i have to buy new?

Once you create an account, you’re able to upload your current data to the server. All of your in game progress and IAP should not be wipe.

That’s not what meant but ty… what i mean is i bought 3 character slots… but my main account has already all 3 used… i want start over without removing my chars… so my question now is when im going to create a new DQ account… do i lose my 3 slots that i bought… because when remove my data of the game it only shows me 1slot available

So you mean you’ve bought 3 slots, and already logined to your account? In that case, there’s no way to upload your current data (or slots) to another account.
You can still delete all of your characters and start fresh though, all of your slots will remain that way.

Yeah okay thank you… i thought i can restore my bought slots and just upload them to a new one… probably i will lose my characters on my main account or ?

But its okay since i love this game i going to buy the last 3 slots so no new account needed. Thanks for your help and I’m sorry for my bad english.