New Boss/Creatures Idea's

this is just a little thing i thought would be awesome. so here are some ideas i have for new creatures and bosses.

  1. I think it would a good idea to have a new ice boss name Jack for jack frost
  2. a boss in the lava world would be cool if it was sort of like a amorphous blob made of lava and you could call them Das Flammen (german for “the flame”)
  3. my idea for a Cycloptic boss would have to be Seemore and have a new type of enemy be two headed plant like monsters named Lucifers (only the cool kids will get it…shut up youngins!)
  4. for the poison world i would like to see maybe something like a floating fart (i know childish but it IS funny to think about running from an Ogre that cropdusts everywhere)
  5. ive been honestly dreaming about being in this game and seeing like bats coming out of the trees and surprising the hero.
  6. id like to see more female enemies to be honest (show the girl gamer some love (im a guy btw))
  7. i think a mimic would be a great addition and it can even be something where breaking a barrel/box and BAM mimic in your face.

thats all i got for now. ill think of more thanks for reading,

Ezra Theiss

Arghh it’s “die flammen”. If German then correct.

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If we’re going to have a cyclops mob, and, as it’s a cyclops, it has only one eye, wouldn’t ‘Seeless’ be more appropriate? :wink: Actually, if we are going to have a cyclops mob, it should totally be named Polyphemus, because…Homer!

Personally, I can do without farting monsters. But giant barking spiders would be cool. :smiling_imp:

If we are going to have female mobs, then we must have harpies!

I’d personally love to see funny spinoffs from games like everquest, world of Warcraft and final fantasy. For instance fire lvl could be ragnaros. Ice could be zeromus(ff4) 2in USA. I’d leave the details to the devs they’re doing an outstanding job already. O and 2 words for new poison boss. Suddenly seymore :wink: