New build incoming Rogue : Frindly Fire

Hi everybody. I’m making this thread for when I finish my build prototype. Please know it will be awhile as I have lots of crystals and mythstones to farm plus I have tweaking planed if certain parts don’t work. But let me give you a Sneek peak with the pros and cons I have written down for it.

1)perma stealth
2)high damage reflect
3)good crowd control with electrify
4)damage scales with floors

1)you can use many skills because you’ll be spaming stealth
2) I may not put lots of luck/gold find on it so it may be strictly a climbing build I’m not sure like I said still tweaking and farming

This build already created on youtube…

this build already created try to do a backread I guess it also posted here and by the way reflect did not work so well and perma stealth has been nerf

Oh. :frowning: Thanks for the heads up