New class.... Archer?

I read somewhere that a new class is in the works… any details? I would love to see an Archer!

No definitive answer but it is in the works. As soo. As we can show something awesome we totally will :smile:

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I think id like to see a char that uses traps and range for sure… With strong immobilization abilitys as well.

The thing is. The way DQ works pretty much allows both classes to operate very similar. Off hands determine your whole play style so an archer would be no more than a bloodmage with a different look. I’m not really sure if you can make a truly unique class with this system. Unless the archer comes with some unique off hands of his own. Truthfully I just see a bow using mage with pets instead of minions. Hope I’m wrong.

Well, it’s our goal to give the third class unique offhands and gameplay, for sure. It’d be silly of us to do otherwise. We’ll make sure to have plenty of testing time on the class, so that will be time to let us know if we haven’t met our goal :smile: