New class/job if ever

What do you think is the new /coolest class on DQ if ever give info on it.

For me . monk/champion i think this class was so cool with asura strike skill :smile: heal/buffs. if you famillar on it and if you play ragnarok.

Yeah like cleric in ROSE , I Used to play that :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: for me if ever there’ll be a new class I would vote for Cleric - Talents will be Healer/Debuff/Offensive Magister :sunglasses:

Ohhhh thats cool cleric . Iplay rose too my job is hawker

Me to I used to love hawker , Bratok ROSE was the coolest for me after AURA Rose came out. I have Hawker there with Donate Items , raider is the 2nd Job .

a want a transformetlr or a beast type that can transform to animal or something

That beast type is cool i would love to see one :heart_eyes:

Pretty cool huh…beastmode? :smile:

I like something to transform my rouge into a dragon

Or a beastmaster who’s speciality is summons beasts like Fenrir or Phoenix :kissing_heart:

I like fenrir :grin:

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Best if it’s a tech class like Cyborg. Have machines and armors bwahahaha