New features ? New GAMEMODES ? Lack of FEATURES?


Yup. Btw we already have a billion floors so no need for more floors honestly. Well 2.417 billion floors.

I like the game for how it is because it reminds me of chess in strategy and that’s awesome. There can be new features added of course though so suggestions are always good. As for quests, we had a Google play quest system which was a kind of quest system, feats and other gamestore application but those quests were short lived . Feats can be done anytime but feats are feats and they are basically in game quest/achievement tasks. Also this game relaxing when you want to in Pve .

I probably agree for the multiplayer aspect though. I mean I don’t mind the A.I battles but the real battles against players live could be fun. I understand the limitations of the game but in the possible future or another edition of the game, it could come to realisation. Who knows really. There’s so many things to imagine.


yup we hear ya!

While full fledged multiplayer isn’t something we can feesible add to DQ right now (there are several forum posts that talk about this) we know it is something that lots of players want to have.

In order to have those capabilities we had to start over and are currently working on a multiplayer game much like Dungeon Quest.

While we cannot share much of it right now, we will make sure our forums are the first place we posts screens/vids/etc when we get it to a place we can show off our work.

Thanks for your feedback and for playing DQ!


I say slap a DQ skin over diablo II, change nothing else then shut up and take my money!!!


Different Classes

I think we can do that…


^^ with a DQ-ish graphics and gameplay? I would be totally looking forward into that even if it takes a year!!


Totally. I wish more mobile games were of this high quality honestly as mobile games gets a bad rep from most people and this is underrated compared to others. It’s still a great game though and I am glady playing dq again after a few breaks.
The new game idea excites me too but I don’t expect it or force it to happen as great things take time.




Omg also dragon pet xD please!!! :smiley::laughing:


This game is the best game ive played and i have played lots of games nothing compares to DQ. Sure there are some bad sides too but that makes it more interesting! XD. Also most of the game developers of the games i played before do not interact with its players at all which makes it very hard to make suggestions to make the game better and i end up loosing interest. This is still the best game up to date ive ever played. :grinning:


Ikr! That’s why I’ve been playing as long as I have despite having many breaks lol. Also it’s amazing to interact with the developers as I can’t think of many other games where you can do that in their forums community :smile: .

Also yeah the suggestion making is much better here and feedback on suggestion too. On other games, you’re very very limited in suggestions and it’s even more so on bigger games but mods are a form of suggestions for some games.

Bad sides of DQ. Maybe people may dislike the A.I or certain floor climbing or farming but I seem to enjoy anything from this game. Cheaters are there but cheaters are in every game and the best you can do is reduce them by reporting to help make the arena a better place.


Aftermath could be a good affix if it actually worked as described. Also, having a “bonus” affix IMHO just takes up space that could be used by another affix. The items that have a “bonus” are useless unless you use the bonus. I was disappointed when I tried to remove the “bonus” slot to make room for something else, and found that it can’t be removed at all.

Juat saying… thanks for your hard work. Cheers!!!


It can be removed using quartz but theres a good chance it will remove other affixes along with it and lose its value as an item.


Don’t really need to take the chance. It is much easier to simply buy the equivalent item from another character class and convert it to use by the class in question. Sometimes better than the original and without the “bonus” slot in use.


I found a way around it, but the fact that I had to is the problem, not the solution. Again, just saying.


Has your team of 2 grown any??? I shouldn’t be surprised as active as you are on here… but you don’t work with any type of copywriter or instructional design content?


There are 6 of us total here at SB, you can probably tell (by my terrible spelling) that we don’t any type of copywriter but we do all of our coding and art in house. We are starting to work with external companies to help us create art content for DQ 2 now as well to get much more content created.


Looking forward to DQ2. This game is brilliant. But half a game. I’m looking forward to the sequel will be like.


I can wait an eternity if i will see sonething better. Take ur time mr TDaniel




Just curious, is the DQ2 being cooked an upgrade directly to the current DQ or will it be a separate game overall?