New Guy pet question


Simple …i hope… Question. Can you unequip pets? Or exchange them between your chars?
“There are 2 kinds of people, those who salvage raid 5 striped data”

you can unequip pets only by equiping another pet or ascending. You can exchange them between you characters by putting them in stashes

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Yes, dont fear, pets are very easy to unequip all you need to do is find a second enslaver and slay it for its pet, and then equip the new freind you just freed from the enslaver and put the pet you want to transfer in stash, then log on to your other acount and go to the same stash, and colect your pet from there.

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there is a hardcore way to take your Pet off your Character. Delete your Character and start over again. (yes, I did that a lot in my Noob days when I only had one Character slot).