New here need help

Need help with a wiz farm build with rogue hireling highest floor 170

What weapons do you use and what is the problem?

I can’t go any further even on easy difficulty

  1. Max Level and Quality.
    Use Peridot on your gears to increase Gear Level to cap(100). Use Emerald on your gears to increase Geae Quality to cap(25%). Full Cap gears mean its Affixes can be rolled now near its max value and damage.

  2. Get Damage Oriented Gears
    Most gears like Satyr Spirit and Adventure dont give much help in damage increasing stats. One example Build is the Inferno set where the Mainhand and Offhand has Epic Affix of Weapon Damage+ & Weapon Damage% and Element Damage+ & Element Dmg% Respectively with the Inferno set affix increasing Fire Dot Damage.

  3. Get Two β€œ+2 Set Numbers +” affix
    Appears on Nadroji Crystal/Stone of Nadroji and on Elixer Mythstone socketed on Ring/Amulet. Very very important to have in mid/late stage.


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Thank you guys so much

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