New in game - need wizard guidance!

Downloaded the game today and I need some beginner tips. I’m level 21 so far and playing a wizard and putting all points into power. What should I use the Hero points for? I really like the AoE skill that makes it rain some purple crytals (don’t know the exact name, sorry) so what stats should I look for if I want to play an AoE build?

And if you have any other crucial beginner tips, please write some, it will help me a lot!

Honestly, at that point in the game, just make do of the best equipment power-wise you can loot/buy, though stay away from items that has “Battlemage” or “Spellsword” Affixes on them, cause it will change your main attacks and is quite confusing at first. I suggest you just continue on leveling to 99 before planning out equipments, since it would be really hard to farm on low level maps. Just go spam one floor after the other, then if you can’t finish the floor, try it on a lower difficulty or a lower floor entirely. For the hero points, maybe put them all on Strength or Intelligence depending on your preference, since those can be reset later on.

Hope this helps.


I agree with saintwave hell I have multiple at lvl 99 and I still can’t find a build I like

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read the dictionary ? :joy:
Got hero point as well for completing it

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Try out all the weapons and all the skills, whenever you find a legendary item ( the red ones) try it on and see what it does! Some of them are really crazy! Then when you’ve found an attack you like spamming try to get affixes and bonuses to boost that attack till it kills everything instantly.

Another tip, all your items have an element, try to keep all your gear the same element so the bonuses work together, you can change the element of an item with a crystal. You can also add and remove affixes to quickly improve an item you like. But don’t ever use the crystal that removes multiple affixes.

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Are the skills only applied when the right item is equipped? Meaning, if I use a wand and skull will it make any difference if I have high twister and summon skills? Or would it occasionally cast a twister or minion even though I’m not equipped for them? Thanks, I’m a noob!

having +skill on an item when you arent using the skill is worthless. it doesnt work, it doesn’t do anything. And if you have +twisterproc on an item and +twister skill they dont work together either. the +skill affixes only work when you are casting the spells yourself

proc twister and +twister skill work together.

but when I put my meteor skill to 20 the meteor proc didnt have 2 meteors?

Are u sure.? I will tsst that after this.

oh weird, i tried it just now and it happened. I swear it didn’t do it before… maybe i’m just blind

okay u are blind that day u try lol.! phew. almost wasting gold to reset heroic point lololol

now Im tempted to try that proc build… cataclysm, maelstrom, +5 all skills x2, +10% all proc x2, ele crit… hmm

Good Luck.

So the +affix and +skill do work together but the +skill is useless if I don’t have the right weapons, right? Thanks!
Any thoughts on why my hp drops with the one type of spawn? It really does just drain all the way down almost instantly and I can’t even see what spell or resists they have.

For X Proc and +X Skill work together.
If u use wand and have spellsword set affix +barrage skill wont help. u need comet since your primary become comet. So basicly what kind attack you do. if u have wrong + X Skill it wont work.

For second question about your hp drain soo fast. probably bacause you attack monster with thorn affix (The monster have barier just like manasheild) when u attack that kind monster while their sheild is active. Each attack u land on it will reflect and eat 10% your current hp. Let say your max hp is 100k. 1 hit and your hp instantly become 90k and second hit land your hp become 81k and sooo on~