New pet ability

I was thinking of a new type of pet with the ability to pick up the useless items we don’t need from the ground and sell them for gold. This would be a good ability since I don’t think anyone would want spend time picking them up for the small amount of gold, but in long run would be a lot. If you do plan to put this in I think restricting the amount the pet is able to sell the item to 5-10% of what you’d get if you sold it yourself. We have an imp who converts items to other items, so why not a merchant pet? :stuck_out_tongue:

So like the imp…but a golden one?

Yes because I realized in long run 98% of items you find will be useless while you will always need gold.
Was that a bad idea? I just started recently

I don’t think so. I was just making sure I understood what you suggested.

We do have a “sell all” button in the inventory that will sell loot quickly, but not as a fast as a pet maybe?

This is pretty cool!!