New player here looking for insight

I’ve recently started playing the game less than a week now, after several little researches I’ve found that these aftermath items are pretty neat so I’ve been going that route, I honestly don’t know too much, but I’m level 80 now and have been working a wizard, also have the hireling as warrior at 69, I’ve made it to campaign 120 floor level running through mythic 2 and 3… I’ve noticed things are starting to dish out tons more damage that I could take so I’ve bumped it down to legend for the time being these last 5 floors should I continue to progress higher, or farm 120 until I may continue to progress easier, also I’ve found items far superior to dps wise… but I love the 2 aftermath items I’ve collected, is there a crafting system etc where I could raise my aftermath staff and orb? It also seems I will pause of PvP legend rank seems to um be quite painful as to other players just walk over me now. Thanks for listening to me ramble :slight_smile:

I would suggest going back too very easy difficulty and farming up too the highest floor you can right now you want too level and start amassing gear that will allow you too get higher on later difficulty levels and very easy difficulty is the best place too do this :smile:

I appreciate the info, ill try that out :slight_smile: ill probably zoom through that since I’m used to mythic 2/3 hehe

Hehehe yup you definitely will :smile: if you can reach and farm at floor 500+ that is the ideal spot too be because the crystals you get get way better :relaxed:

Update I’m 90 now, and have finished to floor 200 :slight_smile: now it’s just About the maps? And where can I farm them best also whAt should I be looking for in the maps stats, that and what should I watch out for… I ran into a map with enemy speed high and it seemed to be painful lol

The Higher the Map Level and Enemy Power, the Best-tier!(Is this a word? haha)

only if you can manage to clear the map at high efficiency…

I mean to get these maps hehe, sorry

Ooops sorry for misunderstanding that haha…

I explain things terribly sometimes I’ll take fault hehe, sorry for the newbie question, just enjoying the game, so would the best way to get these maps.just farm 200 on the hardest difficulty I can withstand?

Bingo :smile:

But try to access maps that will grant you med-high rewards while clearing it 5mins tops.

Awesome thanks :slight_smile: ill try that out

Nvm on this fund some posts finally where I’ve learned some better info hehe I didn’t even know about this codec… lol