New player with a few questions

Hi all

I downloaded this game years ago, bought a hireling and never got around to playing.

I re-downloaded 2 weeks ago and been having a lot of fun, but a few things are confusing me, hoping someone can clear them up?. I have been scouring the forums.

  1. Ive got my main wandering around in pure luck gear, and he just kind of walks behind my hireling who procs earthshatter constantly. The warrior has ended up with a lot of luck of his gear too, and i have the fauns gift affix on 4 pieces- but i am a bit confused about the effect it is having?. I have 292% extra luck on gear (but no set value just a percentage extra, is luck affix always a percentage?) and 4 pieces of fauns gift gear- so is that essentially increasing my HP by 145% and adding a bunch of resist as well?

  2. Early on i picked up zeus eternal on my wiz, huge dps with the multi attack for early game, i jaspered it into a hammer for my warrior, and have yet to pick up a higher damage hammer? What hammers should i be looking out for?


Hi there

I think you can refer to the codex you can see all legendary and eternal items with thier affix thier, the percentage of every affix depends on the item level and rarity, you can craft them using the red dust, the higher the floor you are the higher the level of an item you can craft, you can even craft a level 100 item, the dust are aquired when you salvage a legendary or eternal item, for me I always salvage items that I have no use of, but you can convert them to get some rare or ultimate rare crystals, as of for mythstones you can search in the internet if you want to know the right combination to craft a mythic gear it’s usually like four mythstone combo, you can choose the mythic gears you want to craft it’s in the codex also, and if you want to convert them you can have a random mythstone too.

That’s all thanks for reading.

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Hey how did you buy a new character, did you use load or a credit card, I’m asking cause I’m having a hard time purchasing one. Can anyone advice me?.


Thanks, i have that worked out, just not sure where to go now,
oh and i bought the hireling years ago, i just didnt play- but ‘restore purchases’ worked for me.

Sorry i cant help more.

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  1. your HP & All Resist is increase by +146% with those numbers. for farming with Main & Hireling, the Luck & Item Drop Rate is averaged between the two. your Faun’s Gift wont be affected, but the loot you pick up will be.

  2. Multi Attack is continuous, so it will be reflected in DMG of Hammer, both the DPS on the Hammer itself and DMG & DPS for Smash on the Stats Page. +2 Multi Attack gives you 2 extra hits doing 50% DMG each, so all together, you are doing +100% DMG with each attack with +2 MA on your Hammer. so another Hammer would need affixes on it that do the same or more damage to look better.