New Player. Wizard

I’m new to this game. I just started today and its pretty addicting! I’m looking for a Wizard build for PVE. Currently level 38. But I have no idea what im doing. I just keep all gear that has crit damage/crit % and DPS…

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a PVE build. I dont want an end game build b/c i’m far from it. Maybe a build that shows what to get and aim for at certain levels.


Keep items with red +% weapon damage and red +% elemental damage aswell as nadroji legendarys, especially necklace and ring because of +2 all set affixes.
Try to get as many luck, goldfind and item drop affixes to make farming for a better build faster, without loosing to much damage. For wizard beginners i think a orb build with reactor is best for map clearing.

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Hunt Scoundrel Set for Wizard lol, its good for PVE, you can hunt it in lvl 300+ level

For PVE, Adventurer set (green affix) + momentum set (green affix) is good to have bigger damage.
For a while, you must have elemdmg + and elemdmg %+ to increase your damage and lvlup faster by going to higher floors. Higher floor gives higher exp. Especially if your difficulty is in mythic 3. Just adjust the difficulty if you can handle it at first.
Also add some crit damage to your build.
Once u get najordi set (green affix) use it to get even greater items.

You must farm crystals and gold aswel, keep your crystals for future use. Once you get enough crystals, you can costumize your items on your hearts desire. Build what ever item builds you like, but for now focus on lvling and gold farming.

And if you got bored farming, test your strength. Try the arena and join the top league.

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for starters, here is the thing to keep in mind:
when you get an item drop, the stats you should be looking for are:
+X skill on the skills you use the most (for example barrage, twister, orb)
+#### element (poison/arcane/etc.) dmg