New slot error

Why i can’t buy a new slot hero?

Hey! What do you mean?
Please contact the support:

i had the same prob… but i figure that probably because i using apk to install instead of download from google play… since my google play cannot be use…so i just figure out it will be fix when i update to 2.1

This could be because you already own one.
Try this (if playing on android)
Start Dungeon Quest
On the main menu press the “options” button
Press the “Social/IAP” button
Press the “restore purchase” button.

Currently DQ will not let you buy another slot if you already have one purchased but not active on your save game.

Thanks in advance for the support!


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well… i think it worsen… i cant even click the buy button… it not effect at all… nvmd… i wait for patch 2.1

Hey! Please contact the support. I am sure, they will help you:

did you get this resolved? If not please let me know and I should be able to get you sorted out quickly.

the patch work… after i update… and restore purchase… it work now… thanks…