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Been playing this game for years and I can finally say I am over the same 4 enemies over and over again and especially every map having furys ( enemy that falls from the sky) is quite frustrating to say the least. And the rewards for pushing higher aren’t that worth it if worth it at all and the good ol’ pet problem. Getting a legend pet or eternal for that matter is just too pointlessly rare! And if you do get such a one, it will probably be the wrong one and that needs to change. Would also be nice if the dodgy azz leader boards get cleaned up. Would be nice.


All valid points of feedback!

  1. New enemies: In all likelihood we will not be adding new enemies to this game. We have one person who creates the concepts/look and feel/ability FX for an enemy and another person that models/textures/animates that enemy and I look for sound FX. Since we are hard at work on our follow up game we do not have the resources necessary to make new enemies for this game while working on the next.

  2. The pet bug is a bug but at the same time is not (I know how stupid that sounds). The legendary/eternal pet drops were supposed to be like our items. You know you got a pet, but you were not supposed to know which one. When the item drops in game instead of showing a loot icon for the pet it picks a random pet model which causes a ton of confusion.

  3. Leaderboards - With the nature of our game (offline game with no server authoritative security functions) the leaderboards will always get populated with fake scores. This is not a great answer to your feedback, but it is at least the truth of the situation. We have heard our players concerns over fair play, accurate leaderboards, consistent progression, and their overall dislike of cheaters. We are doing the best we can on our next game to make this as minimized as possible.

Thank you for playing our game and for taking time to share you feedback/issues with us!


Just wait for DQ2 :grin:

Consider DQ as a test. The designers find out what they do good or bad from player responses. DQ2 will answer all these issues. I played diablo which had issues about being brief. Still enjoyable but lacked the replay ability . The sequel smashed it. So will DQ2

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Haha no pressure :joy:

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When is DQ2 coming out?

We don’t know but soo far.

hype hype hype hype , just kidding. I would be excited for DQ2 but im not gonna overhype it. Also good point @dickwad , that could actually happen.

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