New things on the shop?

So I was looking on the shop and noticed that now you can buy random maps and reveal your current map for in game gold now. It was funny because I seen them change it from 20k gold to 50k gold lol but this might be helpful if farming eternal maps

those have always been there. when I was new, I didn’t really notice that because I didn’t really need anything from the shop. when I started using the shop more, that was when I started thinking I need to spend some money on DQ, as I really like the game and wanted to improve my gaming experience a little bit.

I don’t think you can get Legend or Eternal maps by purchasing maps from the shop. I buy maps all the time for when I farm the same floor. I don’t think I have gotten more than 12 Eternal Maps, maybe 10? since I have been playing DQ, but I haven’t been using the Eternal Set with high Luck when the Legend Map Feats are ready to give rewards. from what I have read, players who use this method get Eternal Maps more often.

You can’t get legendary or eternal maps via shop