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Hi guys! So im pretty new to DQ i just started couple of weeks ago. I created a wizard character and i guess im pretty enjoying in the โ€˜summonโ€™ skill :grin:. Im the kind of player who wants the best weapons, items, gears, pets, etc. So i decided to look in the dictionary to find myself a good set ^_^. Unfortunately i cant decide coz ive been also searching through youtube and goggle bout it and i found out a summon video build in youtube. I saw there that he can summon up to 14 minions and i was amazed lol xD. So i wanna ASK on how much is the maximum amount of minions & the bigger minion(command skill) that can be summon?
Also please teach me how to do it T^T. My 2nd question is how to get the stat of spirit master, summon minion and summon fury? Is it automatically in the gear or you can put it in there? Im asking bout it coz i heard someone says he(maker of the video) use that things to make minions. Please let me know q.q i really love the game :heart:โ€”:heart: and i want to master it :wink:. Please help me it will really be much appreciated! Thanks! :smile:

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First thing is search through the forum. U may find your answer. Iโ€™m still Kinda New to the build thing. An Iโ€™m still trying to find what works for me. I can answer least one of your questions. About raising the green affix u need more of that set or in ur amulet an ring u can get +2 to sets. Looks something like this

Owh. Okay thank you sir! But one more thing, that +2 on the gear is really in there or you put it there? If you put it in thereโ€ฆ how? ^/ (โ—‹_โ—‹)^/

Those I didnโ€™t put there. But they are a legend affix so u would need to use the ruby Crystal. To get that. An u need luck. Or u can put it in by mythstone an it would only go in the amulet Or ring. An it the elixer MS.

Owhkay. I guess i will explore DQ first. Thanks tho :slight_smile: Btw can i ask a dumb question? Is affixes known as Stats in other games?

Affixes, in DQ, is an Itemโ€™s โ€œStatsโ€ in a sense. But since we DQ has character stats (HP,MP,Power), the ones on the items are called Affixes instead. And thereโ€™s different types of them, as you can see here:

Now, some affixes can be put by yourself, using different types of crystals, there are others though that only comes with a certain item, items having such affixes are called โ€œRare Legendsโ€ Legend-grade items that are quite hard to come by, hence the name. Hope this helps.



Owh. Now i understand bout affixes ^O^. Thanks sir/maโ€™am! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I got some ruby but i dont understand why it cant be put in my weapon =/

Because it can only be applied if you have a open space. Each gear can have up to 6 affixes . you would have to remove one of the affixes on the gear before you can add it to it. Let me find the link to a newbie guide. Seems like you need to do a little forum browsing. They are plenty of helpful guides. An in those guides if you have questions one of the many helpful staff An players will be gladly to answer your question. Iโ€™m still New as well. They are stuff that Iโ€™m still learning.

I suggest you keep those crystals until you are max level, using them on low level items can be such a waste. Oh and about your question, your weapon already has 6 Affixes, which is the max for any item. 1.Spirit Master 2.Summon Fury 3.Poison Damage+ 4. Poison Damage% 5. Attack Spd 6. Socket

Now, sockets is a kind of affix in which you can insert Mythstones into the socket. Link here:

Those give different effects depending on each mythstone, now if you really want to use the ruby on that item (Please Donโ€™t.) you need a Kyanite crystal to remove an affix first, so you can add a new one. Hope this helps.


Okay. Thanks guys! I guess i wont use a ruby first but I tried to use kyaniteโ€ฆ i cant tap on the affix that i want to remove =3 T^T

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Tap the whole bar not the circle.

Im so dumb >_< Thanks tho xD

No worries. Your welcone. We are all here to help each other