Newb Question

I was wondering how you shoot multiple arrows and bullets on the rogue.
I cant seem to figure that out

Have you tried multi attack or extra attack chance? Hope this helps :blush:

How do I get those? I Just started about 3 days ago -_-

Extra Attack Chance is earned through Topaz and Angelite. This gives a 50% chance to fire one or two shots dealing 100% MH DMG.
Multi Attack is gained through Ruby. This gives 100% chance to fire one or two shots dealing 50% MH DMG.

Which one do you prefer?

Multi Attack. It adds directly to your damage whether you’re using a chakram or a flintlock.

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in addition, 50% dmg on multi attack doesn’t matter because rogue have mutilate talent that can increase its dmg, also i like the constant spamming of ricochet with 4 multi attack on maps, it can easily kill mobs before you can even see them :smile:

I finally got multi shot on my bow but i am still shooting 1 arrow at a time. How do I get to shoot multiple arrows at once?

Try firing once and then stopping too see the effect the thing with multi attack and bows is it fires the extra projectiles one after another :smile:

AH! Now I see lol. I was expecting something like multi shot in diablo. I saw a video of a rogue shooting multiple arrows at once using guided arrow. Thats what I was trying to get.

Yeah I did the same thing and was so disappointed it’s an insanely good way of getting more hits out though :grin: