Newbie asking overall guide for Rogue

Hello people.

I have been playing dungeon quest for one and a half week now, and actually for the very first time enjoyed this kind of game on a phone.
I have tried all classes and i’m now sticking to Rogue at the moment.

I tried to search a clear guide for Rogue, however i didn’t find anything but item guides for it.
I’m lvl 46 at the moment and i wanted to find answers to at least these questions.

How should i use skill points on rogue? (Power,hp,mp)
I mainly focused on power because i’ve no idea what i should do.
I got 120/15/15 at the moment. Because they’re resetable, i’m asking help with them.

How about hero points then?
I’m using flintlock (ricochet) as a weapon and bomb on the other hard.
Because i liked the auto-attack, i maxed ricochet to 20 first.
Other points i’ve used on strenght/fortune. Probably gonna reset them too later on.

Which crystals and mythstones i should use?
I have been saving crystals and mythstones, converting them higher level, whenever i have more than 3 (Spare ones).
Highest crystal and mythstones i have are probably: Sapphire/Emerald and clarity/Endow.

If you are too lazy to answer, at least send me links to good guides that could be useful.
Thanks in advance.

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Sadly there is no such guide. I was contemplating on writing one. But since I am pushing for lots and I mean LOTS of Rogue nerfs, I decided not to do so at the moment.

One thing I do recommend is getting immortality (stealth) for your rogue. With Veil and cooldown reduction, you can permanently be immortal. It will make things easier as a noob.

Anyways being new to the game worry less about the class but more about farming items. Just concentrate on farm. Specifically gold hunting and the mythic monster feat. For gold, get lots of gold find, Fortune and Item Quantity affix (plunderbuss and black sails legends). Add in a rogue hireling with the same build/gear and you will get lots of gold/items (up to 3.5x normal amount).

Word of advice. Do not use any of your crystals unless you are absolutely certain you will use the item for an extended period of time. Just lvl up and get to floor 350 to unlock all legends. Only then should you worry about mythics and crystals. The reason why people don’t write generic guides is because this game gives near limitless customization. There are SO many ways to play any class that it is near impossible to generalize them. First get one of each set/legend then try out how you like that set/legend’s playstyle. Then optimize your build for that playstyle.

Trust me the playstyle change between noob and end game is night and day. You be come so OP, it is fun! I used to take 5~10 mins per map to kill everything. Now I have 1/3 of my farming build set up and it only takes me 30s or so for Mythic3 floor 101 hunting! I can’t even properly control my char yet and once I clear the map I get confused as to what to do. XD Again I am not End Game yet and I have to relearn how to play my rogue with the new OP gear I just made! So fun! It is not strong enough to go to speed run Mythic3 floor 200+ yet but damn is it a fun build/style to play! And guess what? There is no guide for it! It is a very unique build. It is a Chakram build but with huge damage growth similar to Guidedshot.

You will have a lot of fun with this game. Just try out all the skills and affixes possible. Then concoct your own build. Let your imagination run free!

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Thank you for replying!

I totally agree with you, and it’s a kind of unique system that they managed to create. I mean on a mobile game.

As i’m playing as ranged rogue, i’m mostly using the jump spell (is it vault or what),jumping around and just shooting everywhere and ricochet does the rest.

I was thinking too, that just level up and start focusing on specializing after reaching the end game.
That’s what i usually do :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m usually putting a few larimar to my gear, i don’t need to bother changing gear all the time.
Gears i usually get are worse than mine, and i can suggest to not to buy gear from merchant :smiley:
Not worth it.

The main reason i made the topic because i wanted to know how to use stat and hero points.
Power/hp/mp and should i max the autoattack skill from weapon i’m using or go for strenght/intelligence/fortune/dexterity or some spell maybe?

I might try the stealth thing too. But so far all chakrams i’ve gotten have been worse than my flintlock.

But however thanks for the tips!

You need to reach level 99 and you could do lot of customization on your armor and weapons. When you are growing up, you can try the damage and effect from different talent, set affix from legend and skills. (You need to have some gold find affix and lucky affix for saving up crystal and gold).

When your character is level 46, you may wear equipment (armor and weapon) of ILVL 60 to ILVL 70. You may wear max level equipment [Item Level(ILVL 100)] when character is level 70 (please try because I forgot the exact number of level)

Please learn the possible affix from crystal Topaz, Citrine. When you find very powerful equipment and you think you will use it for certain long time and you have enough crystal up to Topaz, you can use Topaz, Fluorite.
Please search in forum for learning how to reroll legend affix, epic affix, normal affix to increase the damage and values on your legend item.

When you find some equipment that do not have 6 affixs and you have only a few Topaz (or Topaz), you can use crystal Larimar to add a random affix to the equipment and use crystal kyanite to remove unwanted affix.

Hireling may help you to kill faster.

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Actually, you can wear max level gear at level 50… I learned this recently on my Wizard.

I had him decked in level 90+ gear at level 50… made leveling much faster.