Newbie here! Any tips for my current build?


Welcome to DQ. I have lots of tips but @Golem will give you a even better answer very soon.


@dickwad your tips are always welcome. I am sure you remember some of your Noob days, even if you are really focused on Spiritmancer/Minion Builds now. :wink:

@izoomar1 what are your goals for now? learning the game, Farming for Loot (Items, Crystals, Myth Stones, Gold, Pets), Ascending for Perks, just going as far as you can until you can’t go any farther?

as a Beginner, Health & Mana are more important than Damage. if you are dead, you can’t kill monsters. from what I can see, you are doing a good job with what you have. I didn’t start off as good as you are when I was a Noob.

when you get the Crystals, you can experiment with different Affixes to see how they affect your Spells or help with defense or offense.

Attack Speed is for your Primary Skill on your MH Weapon, in your case, Comet. you can cast it faster.

Cool Down is for all your other Skills. Meteor has a 4 second Cool Down, I think, and Cool Down affix speed up how fast you can cast it, also your OH Primary & Special Skills.

as soon as you can, get your Weaken to +60%. monsters are not weak against Arcane Element, but they are also not resistant to it, but Weaken will still be beneficial when using Arcane Element. if you decide to try out other Elements (use Calcite Crystal) make sure both Weapons are change to same Element, and any items with +Arcane, Arcane %, Orbit, and Celestial are changed to the same Element of your Weapons.

if you want to keep using these items for higher floors, there is Crystal that can increase the Level of the Items (Peridot). also, when level up your items, if the affixes don’t increase, you can use Diamond to try and raise the Legend affixes values, and Fluorite for the Epic & Normal affixes. don’t use Quartz, because that removes a random number of affixes, and you could really mess up your item by accident.

for Wizards, there is a Set called Aftermath. there are 4 items, and if you have a Staff with Meteor and Orb with Shatter, you can become pretty powerful early in the game. check the LegendEx > Wizard to see where to find the items. Skyfall - Staff, Event Horizon - Orb, Frostfire Regalia - Chest, Catastrophic Signet - Ring are the 4 items, you just need a Head & Necklace item of your choice.

what these items do is give Meteor a 25% chance to Taunt enemies to the Meteors Crater, 100% chance if you have all 4 items, and Shatter a 25% chance to put Fear in your enemies, 100% chance if you have all 4 items. also, you get the same chance for Shatter & Meteor to reset each others Cool Down to 0.5, so with all 4 items, you can cast Meteor & Shatter like crazy!

other than that, just play and learn what you can, and we will help with any questions.

welcome to Dungeon Quest Forums!

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Either remove plagued or use poison because your attacks have (30 + 25)/4 = 18,75% chance to be poison. It’s true that plagued gives a good bulk and that you have a lot of storm proc, but poison dot boost from plagued helps a lot for offense.

I’m maybe wrong, but I think that summons health depends of your health so maximize hp. You don’t need a lot of power because you can use elem dmg flat to deal really good dmg.

Also, if you have jasper, keep your dust until you have enough to unlock and craft frightening choker (haunting amulet). This is a powerful item because of +2 all sets and the other affixes are intresting (you can remove haunting with kyanite) and it’s way cheaper than nadroji. :wink: All sets allows you to play aftermath efficiently while keeping summon (if you have discordance or shatter on your tome by using amber)


I would like to keep using this build because of the different skills that it procs. The Earthshatter, Command, Meteor, and Explosive combo seemed really OP to me. If somewhat the Storm gets proced, I cast the command again to collect all enemies because the storm scatters them. Right now my goal is to go as far as I could. But I’m stuggling with my pet that I use, it’s the one that I got from Floor 1 lol. I’ll try to farm legend items and try that build that you suggested. Thank You for the tip.

So far, I have already seen those items except for the chest. If I luckily manage to find the chest, maybe I’ll craft them righaway

This is my pet right now

I’m now using a new ring, the one with mayhem atr

those Normal Affixes (Yellow) on your Pet can be taken off with Kyanite, and use Angelite to put an Epic Affix on it instead. do it one at a time, because with only one empty space, Angelite automatically puts an Epic affix on an item, with two or more empty spaces, it would be either Normal or Epic. an Empty Socket is considered an Affix. if you are ok with the ones you have, then just let the Pet continue to level up, and as it does, the affix values will slowly increase. you can always change them later when you need to. just remember that on Pets, the cost to change an affix is 5 Crystals. it would take 5 Kyanite to take off one affix, and 5 Angelite to put another one back on. actually, it costs 5 Crystals every time you use a Crystal on a Pet. Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, & Topaz can be used on Pets.

@DuDono I totally didn’t think about switching the Element to Poison, good call! :+1:

@Golem Ice could also be used with plagued for a tank.

haha, all those Set Affixes that people only use parts of for builds! like Cosmic Power for the extra MP & MP Regen, but not using Time Warp on the Build. I do the same thing, but I try to make Builds that use all of a Sets abilities, which kind of makes some Builds a little more difficult, but that is part of the challenge of Crafting a Build in DQ!

I guess using Ice would be ok, since he has Prismatic & Ascendant Set, so Plagued can increase DoT DMG of any attacks changed to Poison.

change the Ring to Poison, and Necklace, Crown, & both Weapons to Ice. or do it the other way around. you would have to switch the Orbit & Arcane DMG% with affixes on other items that are not Elemental in nature, and those items would have to be the same Element as the Weapons if they are not already.

@izoomar1 welcome to dq. hope u have fun. as a new character, i would recommend to increase your fortune first and start off at very easy till u get the hang of it; then move on to harder difficulties. eventually getting to mythic 3. mythic3 will have stronger mobs but xp is boosted and so is your luck.
do your maps whenever u can…or just sell em if not as it’s just gonna clog ur inventory. with maps, use larimar to remove skyfall (super annnoying) and add pack size if u can.
to maximize ur dungeon runs, find and activate those tower things as there’s always 1 in each map, before u clear the map. and when u finally at level 99, ascend and get dealer perk first!
lastly, if u accidentally sold, salvaged,etc an item, u can undo that as long as u don’t do anything else immediately right after ur mistake. it took me a while to notice that there was an undo option lol.
also, u can add or change skills with ur pets but it costs 5 crystals. i recommend u only do so with legend pets (red) and when u do, convert whatever u are using ie sapphire to the next crystal until u have 1 and then use it. if it doesn’t work out, convert the 1 lower crystal ie kyanite to sapphire. that way u won’t be wasting so many crystals with a pet.