Newbie here

Just wanna ask…propulsion and ambush doesnt work with my spell sword set… isnt comet a projectile?? Pls help and tnx 4 giving future answer

Propulsion only works with rogue skills. Comet isn’t one of them.

Finally a decent answer… tnx bro helps a lot :smile:)

No, it doesn’t. Comet just does not work with any projectile affixes. The projectile explodes so it cannot apply any effect. Just use Living Force with it an you will see that there will be no explosions.

I have used living force with comet, and they do come back, and explode right in front of the toon. Which version are you using?

Sorry, I was not clear. They will not explode on contact with the enemy.

Because living force forces them to come back to the caster. The same applies to barrage; they gain a sort of “pierce” skill and dissapear upon returning to the caster instead of doing it when hitting the enemy.

Wow thx… i actually am farming 4 crystal 2 customize my own set…were would i put living force ??? Weapon chest etc or does it even matter.??

It doesn’t matter at all…