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Hi guys I’m new here but I’m not new to the game. I get the basics but still I’m stuck at floor 300 because my wizard dies fast whatever the level, even at easy level. Can someone suggest me a Wizard item build with high damage and high health and armor ?

U dont need high armor and deff for high floor… u need some block affix and dodge affix for survive


Though, there are items like Mutiny and Insolence, that has the Defiant set affix. That set affix boosts your damage by 25% and 25% damage reduction. Not only that, it also gives another 5% for those two based on your missing hp%.

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can you please give me an example of a wizard legend item that has an affix like that ?

There is a defiant skull.

U can roll it via obsidion stone, or using epic affix, 60% dodge will give u high chance to survive… and use sanctuary mythic on amulet, give u 2nd chance to keep alive…
Try use skullshield 40, it will kill mob faster, search build at forum for ur reference. Skullshield build

Damage Reduction from All Resist and Armor is less effective at higher floors because the floor level is part of the calculation in reducing the DMG. and as far as I know, there is no continuous 100% Damage Reduction. there is temporary 100% Damage Reduction, but if your timing is off, you can get one hit dead on the higher floors.

Wizard with Epiphany Set 5 can raise Cap of Dodge +75% & Block +75% with Sanctuary to improve survival by a lot. with Epiphany Set 8, Cap can be raised to Dodge +84% & Block +84% for even more protection.

Rogue with Stealth Skill 40, max Cool Down +60%, and at least Dodge +50% with Sanctuary survive well. I think you need Epiphany Set 5 to increase Cool Down to +75% to spam Stealth.

Warrior with Epiphany 7 minimum to raise Cap of Block to 81% and Bulwark 40 Talent with Sanctuary has good survival also.

Sanctuary has a 30 second cool down, so improving your Movement Speed can help you to move faster out of the way of attack. Stun, Freeze, Paralyze, Slow, Knockback are some other ways to keep monsters from attacking you.

lastly, improving your DMG & DPS, after improving your defense, to kill monsters first is good. there is a post somewhere that is all DMG and little defense, but I don’t remember how high up the floors it went.


thanks a lot

Well its been a year since the last i played this game now im back im really confused AF hehehe…

lol. well, Codex still hasn’t been recently updated and Dev’s are working on something that might be called DQ2, although they still pop into the Forums when needed.

probably the biggest changes are in Battle Arena since @Mr_Scooty posted an Immortal Build Reveal and another post for Anti Immortal Builds. and of course, a lot of posts for all parts of DQ by the DQ Community.

Welcome back @Sir.Lancelot127 and Welcome to DQ @EmPeroR.