Newbie here

so i can’t purchase ascension in my ios for i dont have visa or mastercard. im from philippines. i would like to buy it from my load though. so my question is, if i log in to an android phone using my dq account, and buy the ascension and the hire help stuff(FOR I CAN PURCHASE IT IN GOOGLE PLAY USING LOAD), then after that i would log back to my ios, would that work? or do you guys have any other suggestion?

Any in app purchases transfer from android to iOS.

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all righty :slight_smile: thank you!

Sorry I completely forgot ascending isn’t an in app purchase. It does cost 5 million gold per ascension level eg 1st costs 5mil, 2nd costs 10mil etc etc. hope this helps. There are also plenty of topics in the forums of which ascension perks to pick but I’d recommend fortunate be the first.