Newbie needing help

So, first of all this is my first post in these forums, so hi all :slight_smile:

Just some background first:

Now i’ve only been playing this game for around 48 hours, i currently got a lvl 96 Lancer/Taunt who i use to pull everyone in in packs, then proceed to use my 92 rogue hireling to use a chakra and burst AOE them down. This is working fine i am currently up to floor 140’s M3 and clear everything near instant (minus final act bosses).

Now i am at the crossroads of nearly ascending, i think i will be choosing the extra gold/luck perk.

Now my question regarding the ascension bit is…

  1. does this perk affect me and my hireling whenever the ascended character is being partially used either as a hireling or not?

  2. Do my floors reset on the ascended character?

I love these type of games, i was a massive D2 fan way way back and a lil bit of D3. This lil phone app game fits right in.

Pleasure to meet you all hope i can get these answered.


Hi @RagnarLothbrok. Welcome to Dq. The only perk that works when using your hirling is the dealer perk. The perk you pick for you’re main will onlt affect your maincharacter. The boards reset soon as you finish them . Hope that helps . enjoythegame

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@BigT So to confirm when i ascend i lose all my floor progress on that character as my main?. could i then just use my Rogue as my main who is now 94, to boost him up Quickly for XP due to her having acecess to higher floors?

Also what is the maximum floor? i mean i’ve gone floor 150 now in around 48 Hours, some people must be at some insane levels unless they stopped and just farm certain levels?

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No when you ascend youll reset your level on character . your floor progress stays. Just go to store buy a challenge map and keep converting it till you reach your maximum floor . … Thats if you need a map for your highest floor. If you dont level your characters together when you combine them they wont gain experience evenly . You could tho. There is no end to the game … Meaning there is no maximum floor. People are down in the thousands.

I to newbie here, need other character need pay? No is free??

Yes, you do have to pay for the hirlings but if you can’t, well you can wait. You can earn the money via gift cards like Google Play, iTunes or Amazon Gift Cards. It’s worth it though even for a small price. Completely optional but worth it. Also apps like Google Opinion Rewards can give you free Google Play money for answering surveys and some apple or Amazon apps that give free credits for surveys from the official company.

I used to not be able to get hirlings but I’m glad I finally did at that time. Also you don’t really need to buy all 5 extra hirlings. Usually buying 1 for now is worth buying for a cheap price but it’s up to you to buy more.

welcome.enjoy the game guys

Also i see people using purple and blue items, i have only recieved red and green. Is that because they are on much higher floors or just pure luck?

purple Item can be create also blue item
to create purple item its has to be a mythstone combination, about the blue one put obsidian on the the last crystal

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Ahh kind of like crafting in D2 with runewards. So certain amount of slots needed with the correct corresponding mythstones. In D2 (relating to another game) you had to have a grey item with the right number of slots. Does it have to be a crappy item or any item with the correct number of slots?

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zircons add slots. You need 4 open slots to create a purple mytical piece

I have a poison chakram rogue atm. What 4 mythstones would i place into one to create a good one?

See codex and go to mythics, if its blank since u need to use lots of mythstones to get clues on creating a mythic u can ask the pros here like grifin they have guides on creating mythic items as well as giving description on how to properly use them… Welcome to DQ!


this might help you

Ahm…guyz may i join…

sure go on need any help man?

Man. I was curious about converting eternal gears into crystals when I just got level 1 at epic ascension when I performed it . I just got straight 10 Jasper. Does Conversion nerfed or bug?

about eternal gear converting even I have it like 15 times in a row buy some time you’ll get Jasper, Zircon, Garnet those 3 alwayd show up :smiley: for ruby, amethyst, obsi kinda pure luck but high floor helping it too for mr when im converting eternal :wink:

Does lvl and floor level affect the Conversion even it’s a eternal or crystalline gear?

in my theory yes just like the chest the higher floor you open the chest the better it gives :smiley: