Newbie questions

First of all, this game is fantastic. I don’t know how this isn’t a lot more popular. This is everything I want in a phone game! I can pick it up and play for 2 minutes or 2 hours. It’s fast, smooth, and even looks beautiful on my OnePlus phone. It seems simple at first but the character customization is so deep in the end. The fac that you can play the entire endgame for free is amazing. I’ve already bought a second char slot and will certainly buy a third to try the warrior as well. The devs have created something really special here and this should be played by any ARPG fan!

Currently, my chars are level 35 and 42. I have a few questions so far:

  1. Should I save all my skill points from hero affixes? For instance, my rogue has a nice flintlock now so I placed a few points into ricochet. But I have no idea what weapon I’ll ultimately be using so I’ve stopped placing points and now have about 17 saved up. Should I wait until I decide on my endgame build? Or is it so cheap in the end to re-skill that I should just place them for now? Should I “waste” points in hp, mp, luck, and gold find?

  2. Likewise with the level points. Currently, I placed most points into power but that theory crafting guide suggested putting all points into mana for wiz and either all into health or mana for rogue totally ignoring the power stat and using blood magic. Is that the most common end game strategy?

  3. I know it’s prsonal preference, but can any comment on the realitive strength of the wizard AOE skills? I’ve found orb and twister seem to do the most damage for me so far followed by storm then meteor. Most builds seem to be centered around meteor though on these forums. Are they all pretty equal in the end or, once you get enough CD, meteor really pulls ahead?

  4. For the defensive/buff passives like coat weapon, is the DPS on the secondary totally meaningless since they’re not directly doing damage? What about the things like “+wep damage”. Does that modify your primary weapon? What about things like +att speed, +crit, or +extra attack? Are those modifying your primary attack? I guess I’m having trouble evaluating secondary weapons in general now that I’m passed blindly following the green vs. red stat bars.

  5. Specifically, does +extra attack affect secondary skills like storm, orb, or meteor at all? Or, if I’m just using these mostly, should I ignore it all together? I assume it is helping with my rogue using ricochet?

  6. Is there any way to use cloud saves? If so, how? I have an iPad as well as an android phone. I’d love to play this game on my iPad as well sometimes if my chars carry over!

Just wanted to say again how impressed I am with this game. Super easy recommendation to all my friends and I think it’s incredible that you’ve made something so deep that runs so smoothly on a phone. This feels console quality to me. Amazing job!

  1. Cheeeeeap to respec compared to the income you will eventually gain. Spend points with abandon.

  2. Yes, that’s solid info.

  3. I play warrior, but I firmly believe that any skill can be made viable to reach high levels of M3 when built properly.

  4. Weapon dmg +X and +% affect only the weapon they are on. All others should affect globally.

  5. EAC are primary skills only.

  6. With a DQ account you should be able to transfer your characters to your iPad.

You da man Rubik. Thank you for those answers! What does “High levels of M3” mean though? Is M3 some kind of end game area?

Yes, yes I am! :wink:

M3 is short for Mythic 3, it’s the highest difficulty level.