I am new in the game and i am seing some items that has a number 1-6 example aftermath(5) and eternalized(5) can anyone answer me how can they get this kimd of items?? Thanks

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Uhm you can obtain it everywhere in camp. Use mythic 3 difficulty for a better drop.thats all i can say back to playing again.

Its possible to find (5)aftermath with one part? Or still need to find other parts?

There is an affix called + sets that increases the rank of all sets on gear +4 is the cap thus +5 :smile:

Uhm yeah but its important to have a set like me im using living force(2) if you this set some skills of your hero will go back like a whirling blades in rouge or should i call it boomerang.if you see some set affixes just read the effect then you.

Uhm im sorry about my english its not really our lunguage im a filipino though and im just 16

Uhm griffin is it possible that you can build an eternal item with have mythic skills?

Hello, Griffin

Where can i get those?

@undeadkramz214 there are 6 eternals that you can add a mythic too 2 for each class 1 weapon and a headpiece for each

@tsunaweak they drop on the nadroji ring/necklace and on the frightening choker as well as they can be manually added with an elixer to rings/necklaces

@Griffin After i get Nadroji what should i do next? Is there a thread or post about using/adding set affix?

You mean there are two items on each class that is eternal rarity have mythic skills? Where can i found those two items?

I think its about the Mythical items. Like Unreal hood and Unreal blade, it has 4 sockets that you can make a mythic on it. Yes it is really possible to have mythic skills on Eternal item.

If the eternal item has 4 sockets already.

Wow now im finish hunting eternal pets for now my mission is to hunt and eternal items that have mythic skill.the problem is where can i find them?ive already been to challenge map floor 500(mythic 3) but still i dont see any eternal items that have 4 socketable slots?

Hmm kinda noob, but if you add mythic to an eternal with 4 slots, don’t you end up with an eternal with only 3 affixes, with no posdibility to add more? Or would angelites & the crystal that give leg affixes work on it? I was under the impression you could use no crystal at all on eternals.

Once you put the mythic affix on the gear, you use Topaz to put epic affixes on the remaining slots.