No calcite drop?

Ive been farming below 100 floor for calcite

I tried easy,nomal,epic,legend and mythics dificulties and still no calcite…
Suggestions plss thnx. Current version is 2.1

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Same no calcite drop I also notice it few days ago

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So I’m not the only one who noticed this. I have already brought it up here:

But it seems most people don’t care about it. After all, it’s just the “lowest” tier crystal. My guess is that it has been unintentionally dropped (as well as Hero MS) from the loot table (coding). Or maybe it’s intentional, I don’t know.

Yes even hero MS is not dropping anymore

According to the patch notes:

That means at Floor 100 and up, Calcite will never drop. At Floor 200, Angelite will never drop. 300, Quartz. 400 Diamond and 500 Larimar. You can still buy from the shop though, but what you get is random. Or just salvage higher tier Crystals/Mythstones. Quartz and Angelite are rarely used, so you can salvage them to calcite. Kyanites are rarely used too, so best salvage them to Larimar or Diamonds for rerolling maps.

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Sometime ago…
A number of players were ranting about how they are always getting the lowest tier of MS/CS…

A number of players are ranting about how they are never getting the lowest tier of MS/CS…

Explain please hahah…

This will affect new players more than old players because we already hoarded alot of them…

Maybe go lower than Map 100?

Or “Salvage” some angelites to calcite?


We could always salvage :smiley:

Then if where at 1000 floor for example we can find a ruby by normal drop?
nice now I get the idea each floor have there own unique drops is that right?

Almost, the crystal rarity stops increasing after floor 500

I see thanks

Salvage obsidian until you get calcite :smiley:


i never even knew that there are calcite crystal. I never had a calcite since i got this game weeks ago. Is this a bug?

yea true the i never get a calcite but the hero i got 1 idk what floor and maybe they are rare but to get calcite just salvage ur angelite to get calcite and ur mentor salvage it to get hero ya maybe they not drop anymore when i started to play this game is still not 2.1 i can get hereos at low floor.

Hey! It’s a known bug. It gets fixed with the next patch.

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