No idea

im using a warrior class, but i dont know which talents to focus, what affixes must be in gears??do i have to have separate set of gears, set for farming and another gears for pvp? :dizzy_face::disappointed::expressionless::smile_cat:


You will definitely need different gears to maximize efficiency for pve / pvp

Get gud. Read important topics abt creating build thay suits your playstyle. It rly depends on wat playstyle u like.

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For PVe try the poison thor build !
so far thats the build im using rather than the 6 deadly sin and crushing flame set

six deadly sin and crushing blow dont exist in my brain. what about it?

I think hes referring to 7 deadly sin set and crushing flames set.

Anyways 7 deadly sins is ok but cant farm very high floors just about floor 500 maybe. so its pretty useless when hiking and farming for higher floors.

You learn fast, rofl

Learned alot from you bru. Get guuud haha

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its only 6 from me cause i dont have the pet yet ! haha…

its kinda useful to me cause i equipped it with 2 rebirth so theres no problem with it although sometimes i get killed easily because of the malum spawn and ogre. ! :joy:

read codex