No more map

Hi everyone, I ran out of map and I can’t find the Cartographer anymore. Any suggestions?

Buy a new one and try again, maybe your game bugged? Tho I’ve never heard of that happening before


Thanks a lot my friend.

did you reach floor 200?

you can either keep playing floor 200 until a Cartographer randomly shows up and drops a Map for the next floor, buy a Monster Boost or wait for a Monster Boost from a random Boost from finishing the Orb Drop Feat for an automatic Cartographer, or as @TeaCup said, buy one from the Shop to get a Challenge Map for the floor you are on, and then kill the Cartographer for the Map for the next floor.

I am embarrassed to say this, but I actually had to read the Forums to figure out how to get past floor 200, because I kind of got stuck there as a Noob.