No mythstones needed anymore?


In the first level I load when playing, using Mythstones on an item doesn’t consume the stone. Once it also did the opposite thing, consuming 5 mythstones like when you use crystals on pets. I’m not sure if the bug can be reproduced, but I think developers must check the code for using mythstones.


I encountered this bug with another mythstone. Got at least 5 to 10 uses out of just a single exp stone.

Over time it fixed itself… I believe after I found multiples.

Enjoy it while it lasts


Yep, had the same thing happen… used 5 elixers instead of one…
Thought I imagined it, but your experience confirms it… :rage:


Wow that must be tilting…


there was a similar issue where a user could salvage an item to get dust. It appeared they were getting more dust than they expected until they closed and opened their inventory again. Will have a look on our end.



Im wondering… are topaz’ supposed to be consumed at a 5x rate for pets … like other crystals?

Because they arent.


Will have a look at that as well.


Better customize all my pets before the hotfix patch eh… :slight_smile:


Actually, there is a glitch you can use only 1 crystal for pet crafting.