No slime pet after update

After update I received in-game mail but didn’t get the free pet.

If you read the message you did receive it informs you that the pet is coming in the next couple days :smile:

Hmm I didn’t see anything about that. It said stuff about Thanksgiving tho and I somehow got 3 hours of enemy spawn rate increase. It showed ~30 things to claim as well tho only got the buff.

If you actually read the message on the stuff you got in the mail it tells you to look out for the pet over the following days :smile:

I also spent the .99$ on one, that has yet to show up. Any known issues with that?

No clue but definitely email support@shinyboxgames they will help you out :smile:

Cannot send out the slime pets until all of the platforms get the update. Apple is the only one left to get approved. I responded to your other post as well about the missing purchased slime.

That’s why you guys rock. Quick responses, apologetic, and informed!


Apple version approved, will be available for download in a few hours.

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If I could give 100+ likes I would! Time to cash in that awesome Tgiving gift from DBI !!!

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The Dungeon Quest team is top shelf. They deserve many accolades.

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They definitely are :green_heart:

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I got the message this morning that said Angel slime, but when I clicked it open the message vanished and I didn’t get the slime. Please help.

The angelic slime has no set affix?

Yes but there is a new legendary pet that I assume has the texture :smile: (although the dictionary does not display it correctly)

still keeping my 3hrs monster respawn :smile: