Noob help

so started the game recently and am on floor 15 with 1 or 2 reds. any tips? whats the best colour? how to go up floors fast? where can i find the best weapons? etc

Just start slowly hiking though floors, you’ll eventually get stronger as your level increases, better gears will drop the higher you are and thus, you should only worry about gears when you have reached for +100 floors.
Have fun playing!

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can you tell me the order of rarity?

Hmm lets see…

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well, if you have 1 Character slot, first you need to decide which Class you want to use. I spent some time using each class until I decided on which one to focus on. then it was learning about the Legend Items (Red) and the Normal to Epic Items (White, Blue, Yellow, Orange). take a look in the Codex to get an idea of what the different Affixes and Sets on your Equipment does. also, the different Skills/Spells that the Classes have. for the first 20 levels, you can find Crystals that can help you customize your Equipment. since you are new, you wont have many to use, but as you learn more about the game, you will end up with lots of Crystals. when you get to level 21+, you will start to find Myth Stones. these are another way to customize your Equipment, and they go in sockets. some items you find will have them, and there is a high tier Crystal that can put one on your equipment, but that is for later. lastly, do a search in the Forums for any information you need, and ask questions if you don’t find an answer. I did a lot of searching that saved me a lot of trouble, but I am still learning, so it has been a lot of fun.