Noob question please answer

im a new player, im hunting items and i look at legendex for preference. Just wanna ask what does this mean?

found Past floor 100. does it mean floor 101?
found in forest
found near lava
powerful enemies

Please answer. thanks

Past floor 100, past floor 20 etc… = any level after it.
Forest = Poison levels (in the forest part.)
Near Lava = Fire levels
Powerful enemies = Orange, Red and Purple enemies.

Couldn’t be more straight foward. kk’

lol i replied in same time w/ luis.

Actually u just copied my answer cause for sure u don’t know how to play this game… Kappa, :stuck_out_tongue:


@LuiiS yup u wer right :stuck_out_tongue:

answer was the right spelling not awnser :smile: