Noob Question: What is a talent etc?

EDIT: Had a duh moment. Realized that it said there what it was–on the TALENT tree page.

Better question though: why is it that I can only randomize a piece to certain talents? Is it for balancing reasons or something like that? I used my citrine and found I could only change my deadfall chest to either pistoleer or fletcher–which I use chakrams! I couldn’t back out of it, had to exit the game and I lost the citrine–oh well that’s fine. At least it’s still deadfall.

Still don’t understand why I can’t have celerity as a choice though–unless, the citrine randomizes my choices D:

Talents are grouped based on the item type. You can see the grouping on the talent panel for each tier ( Chest, Head, etc ). Which item are you trying to get celerity on?

You don’t get every possible option when you use it, rather just a random 2 or 3? I forget the exact number of choices. So just try a few times and you’ll get it. Just make sure you are looking at the right options for the right piece or you’ll waste them looking forever. :wink: