Noob Warrior

hello guys! :smile: glad to have played this game!

i’m new and i was hoping to get some tips.

such as which affixes are “supposed” to on items ( ex. crit chance , crit damage best in slot is ring etc. )

tips on builds.

tips on what to sell and what not to.

basically anything about the game.

happy to hear your replies! :smile: thanks!

p.s oh yeah. could you tell me about talents? seems like it’s something to look into.

If you need guides and more you can go to community and check for Mythstone and crystals if you need something or go to items to see affixes and guides to see some builds

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RoyalFairy , Rogue Level 99

Honestly, what affixes are “Supposed” to go places are up to you. If you want a glass cannon, there are affixes for that. If you want a tank, different set. If you want someone who is somewhere in the middle… again, a different set. Just build it to suit how you want the character to play.

Nice build names…idk what mine would be…


[emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106]

Totally agree with you…[emoji1]