Normal Map or Map upgraded with Laminar?

Hi guys, which do you think is best way to use when farming gold? And also rare legends.

Farming Gold - Floor 181 Mythics 3
Legends Item - Floor 200 Mythics 3, Clear map then kill bosses.

Well. While I can’t farming m3, I prefer farm upgrated maps. This is more profitable than just farming 181 or 200 stages. And not so boring :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I am doing right. What I’m doing is, buy maps then apply Laminar but I sell the one with skyfall and tnt procs. It’s so annoying being 1hkoed by these 2.

Map with affix-- Packsize 200% and Magic Enemies 200% gold is everywhere :slight_smile:

Usually, I buy a couple maps from the store at floor 101, and I max them out on affixes with Larimar, then play them to 200, scrap, then start over, each time using Larimar to max them. Unless the map has pack size, enemy+, or something nice, I scrap it with tnt and sky fall. For best gold chances, I guess a slime floor works nicely, but I still prefer maps.

I do what you do, buy maps from 101 and keep doing them but I don’t use larimar on them because as far as I know, packsize is only on floor 200+ so I just keep playing maps. Definitely alot of gold, crystal legends and a chance for eternals. Helpful also if items are terrible for floor 200+ because of build being unfinished. The tnt props and skyfall doesn’t bother me on low level map because I got sanctuary and they do terrible dmg. I also do packsize maps from high floors sometimes because they give so much. I certainly get over 10 million gold from 101-181 and counting legend maps with boost.