[Not a bug] Elixer +2 sets bug

I have found what i think is a bug when adding 2 elixer mythstones to a necklace and a ring with +2sets. The items only show the maxuim cap of 4 to sets but my damage is increased as if the sets have overcapped to 6 . The damage increase shows on my stats screen and I can play with the damage increase. However if i click to view the ring or amulet the damage on the stat screen drops back to the capped amount. Interestingly it only effects my damage, my health and armour remain un affected. If I restart the game my damage on the stat screen returns to the overcapped amount.

Are you using epiphany or not? Epiphany apparently doesn’t increase all sets cap but if it were, the new cap would be 6+ all sets.

What sets are you using specifically?

Im using

Offhand - momentum (5)
Helm - rage (5)
Ammy - plagued (5)
Armour and ring - nadroji (6)
Pet - terrashaper (5)

I think the bug is with momentum showing the increased damage as if it was momentum (7) as there is ledgend affix +2 sets and elixer +2sets on ring and an elixer +2sets on the ammy.

My dps for whirlwind when i open the game and click on the stats page is 42.56m then if i view any gear item it drops to 33.05m. If I restart the game the dps is back up to 42.56m

Which version of the game are you running?

Im not sure where to find the version. In credits it is labelled client version 2.2 ?

Ok I have tested some more and it has nothing to do with the +sets. I think it is actually zealous. when I start a new game my health is over 75% so I get dmg increase but for some reason the buff dissables if I look at my gear (even gear in my stash) Then as I start to kill monsters again the damage ramps slowly up again regardless of my hp being over 75% . At least I think this is the cause.