[Not a bug] Epiphany doesn't work for all sets

With epiphany at lvl 5, one should be able to get +5 to all sets, and I can see +5 in the all stats section, but all my set items are still shown at 5 and not 6.

Barbarian has been reported before, but it is still broken…

Mine works well, i equip 4 epiphany and i have 2 +2 set affix, and the rank of my epiphany is (8) ,

Thats how +sets works. You can do the same thing with, say, Nadroji and no Epiphany.

You can have max of 4 +sets, but you can equip additional pieces with that set and go up to 8.

I think @pentagruel is saying that you should be able to equip 5 +sets (from legend affix and Elixir) with (5) Epiphany.

I think I found bug: i wear epiphany hat, and put on 80 attack spd, My epiphany is at (5), so max spd should be 75%, but on the stats page, my spd is 63%, so i only got a 5% increase to all stats.

Yeah, attack speed is known to be broken with epiphany. You can reach 75% with a pet that has attack speed, but thats the only way until they fix it.

Please use the search feature before reporting any bugs.