[Not a bug] Hireling bug I think :p

Hi all just done a map then my hireling died did not revive them and when I went to next Map they were gone not sure if this is a bug or if it’s ment to be like that

It’s unfortunately intentional. You then need to back out to menu to revive. It’s been suggested a few times the devs allow for hireling revival/inclusion from in game. If your hireling dies you still get all benefits while in the same floor he died in, so if the hireling doesn’t survive well, leave him dead but revive before finishing the floor.

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Ooooo thank you for letting me no that :slight_smile: I was wounding if you get the hireling boosts if they die. And I did make a suggestion too about a auto revie for hireling :stuck_out_tongue: now I can farm on m3 with out worrying about revieing my hireling hehe