[Not a bug] My main hand weapon abilities transformed to a warrior

So I am rogue, happily farming400+, today I log on and my gun no longer offers richochet or scattershot, instead I got the warrior charge and the spinning. Dont know what they are called. Reequipping the weapon doesnt help. Dagger, chakram, gun, tried all. Always get those warrior abilities.

What could be done? I think I have atleast 40 hours played on it, more I think. 2 perks from finishing 99 and close to 3rd one. Spent about 10 euros on it. A new character is out of the question, also given this could happen again.

I believe it bugged through arena. Tried to enter 1v1, I was on a bad wifi though. So the searching for match never popper. After about 10 seconds I get the “no connection” or whatever message which is fine. Trying to get back to menu was impossible, kept getting the “do you wish to forfeit” message, so I just closed the game, since it resets to main menu after like 5 min.

Please help

look in your gear and find a green text that says “Battle Mage”. that’s the reason why your skills have changed to a warrior’s skills.

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Oh shit, thanks forthis mate. I didmt even realize I had it, just put a stun immune helm for arenas and sure enough its battle mage

you’re welcome :slight_smile: